Treasured Heirlooms by Robin was born the minute Amber came into our lives in 1986, but it didn’t really get started until a few years later. I must go back to 1983 when our 4th son Ricky was a baby. I took Sharon’s smocking class………4 weeks of fun and instruction. In the end, Sharon helped me “cut & adapt” a basic romper pattern and I made Ricky a red gingham romper! I was so proud of me . Sharon had 3 little daughters and we had 4 little sons at the time. But, I still had much to learn…….3 years later, Amber was born (and just before that, Sharon had her son) ! … and I smocked my first baby dress.

Sharon and I became great friends and our families blended well together. Eventually, we moved and her family moved and we lost contact with one another.

I started teaching smocking classes and realized that in southern California, there was virtually no place to find smocking supplies. So, I started Treasured Heirlooms by Robin in 1988. Amber was 2 and I was having a blast smocking her clothes!

I started Treasured Heirlooms with one $30 wholesale order of a few patterns and plates. Through the years, I have built Treasured Heirlooms into a fully stocked in-home shop filled with fabrics, patterns, laces, books, notions, etc. etc. Because my space is limited to Smockville, the upstairs bonus room, I only stock the “best of the best”.

I love to teach smocking and other related needlearts and have been fortunate to teach across our country and have some of my smocking and silk ribbon designs published by Sew Beautiful magazine. Martha Pullen chose Amber for the cover of the Spring 1994 issue!

It is a pleasure to meet your smocking needs as soon as you have them ! I will try to get your order out the day after I receive it, if not the day you send it to me.

Because I’ve had this shop for many, many years, I may have that “out of print” pattern you’ve been looking for. I’m also offering FREE products (with a minimum mail order purchase), so keep searching my site to find these fun deals.
……and enjoy your Treasured Heirlooms shopping experience.

Love you!


P.S. Sharon and I share 4 adorably, cute grandchildren. ! Who knew that her Julianna and my Danny would “meet again” years later at BYU in Provo, Utah ! They were married in 2001.

Our 9th grandchild was born in February 2017! Such fun !